Blue City 2/12

Actual title and image unknown. Courtesty of Clarke University, Iowa

This is my second favorite, and it’s a very close second.My aunt traveled and studied in Europe and I suspect that is the inspiration, if not model for this image.

I see a river in the center, with the city’s buildings facing closely on each side. Their structure is reflected in the water. Obviously very impressionistic in nature, I will return to this post later and comment more.  I invite you to share your comments too! Please read my intro about these discoveries!

As with all 12 discoveries, actual date, medium, and title are yet unknown to me.

2 thoughts on “Blue City 2/12”

  1. I am not a visual artist but I received my appreciation of the visual fine arts from being a freshman in 1950 in Sister Mary James Ann’s class in art appreciation. I have many memories of her as a teacher, an artist always working at some art project. Mostly, I think of her as a wonderful person who helped me in a time when I needed some understanding. I have always been a writer; now I am retired as an educator (Ph.D., Speech, Theater, English) but still write–as a theater critic. I will be happy to share memories of Sister with you as you wish. I will be glad to call you back on my phone if you let me know your phone number at my web address.
    Marie J. Petrone Kilker (Clarke ’54)

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