Private Owners

The following people are listed in literature as having owned or loaned some of her work.  I am hoping the children and grandchildren of these owners might be able to provide me with some clues and fill in the missing colors of my aunt’s oeuvre. These names appear in a 1957 Dubuque Public Library showing sponsored by the Dubuque Art Association

White B0ttles – Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bartella

Still Life – Mr. Edmund Demers  (Mr. Demers told me in 2011 that he did remember owning this and does not own it now.)

Melon and Bottles – Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hyatt

Black Mountain – Loaned by Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Thomas

Table – Loaned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geiger

4 thoughts on “Private Owners”

  1. I have a piece of art (serigraph i think) that I believe may be the work of Sister Mary James from the 1950’s. It has an inscription on it that reads “A trout leaps high below him in the river bottom clouds flow by”. It is signed but difficult to make out. It’s been in my family since it was new and handed down from my grandmother. Can you help with any additional information about it?

    1. I am also curious if it might be the work referenced about St. Francis feeding the fishes- under my page “Missing Work.” We have emailed and I am looking forward to seeing the image when you are finished your travels! Thanks Jeff!

  2. I HAVE A PAINTING made by SISTER JAMES ANNE ….it has hung in my home ever since I graduated from Clarke in 1958. It is not titled … but I refer to it as “Dubuque” since it depicts houses, trees, ala Dubuque. I am extremely fond of it … it’s beautiful!

    Patricia Rossi Mark

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