Wedges/Melons Still Life, 1958

Dated 1958. Acquired from eBay listing.On oil. Signed SM James Ann. Personal collection

This was the first painting I was able to acquire as a result of creating this website. Read how I came to own it.

I’ve decided to call it wedges. It arrived with the frame in terrible shape so I did have it reframed. At the top right, just above the tallest point of the wedge, you can see a pencil line, or some kind of line marking where the old frame rested. The painting needs to be cleaned. At 60 years of age, exposed as it was in an unknown household, that is not surprising. I am not sure about the medium, but I think it is oil. I now have two paintings of my aunt’s that are in desperate need of cleaning and conservatory work.

Four melon-shaped objects appear on a rectangular table. A white cloth casually and diagonally drapes over the right side of the table. If I had to give a good guess, I would suggest these were honeydew melons, as the lime green is suggested in the fruit flesh and in the rind. The table is steely grey and looks rough hewn. Who knows, it could be an early granite counter before they ever became fashionable.

The shapes are defined by hard, thick, rough black lines. I imagine the table to be against a pale beige wall, with the sun coming in from the painting’s left (or right as it is being viewed. The beige wall is two thirds of the width and travels from top to bottom. The remaining third is a darker section, perhaps a pass way from the wall.

Any honeydew melons I’ve ever seen never look this dramatic. I appreciate the abstraction and high contrast depiction of this fruit, waiting to be consumed.

Wedges now has its own wall in my dining room.

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