I am beginning to hear from some of James Ann’s students from Clarke College/University thanks to the kind efforts of Katie Bahl, Director of the Clarke Alumni Association. I have also previously heard from Verna Friedman and  her Clarke colleague Ed Demers and they have been very generous sharing their memories with me.

I have been very curious about the artists that influenced my aunt. And although your styles and techniques may be quite different, I do believe that we take and receive a little something of everyone that we meet. I would love to see a sample of your work- something that you feel might have a little bit of James Ann in it, or even if it is not obviously visible. If she helped you to find your artistic voice, then your work is important to me too- and helps me to see and feel the full impact of her as a teacher. From all accounts, she was very interested in promoting your aesthetic and your work through outdoor arts festivals, entering exhibitions, etc. I have felt her presence with me throughout this journey to re-discover her-and I think she would love the connection with you. Does that make sense? I sure hope so! So please share a drawing, a website- anything artistic that you think connects her with you! I will add them here.

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Portrait of a mid-century contemporary artist, AKA Ann Walsh

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