Missing Work

The following list contains titles of work named or referred to in articles, brochures and other materials.Year and details are provided if known. Dates for the Dubuque Public Library (DPL) are listed 1957 – but may have been painted earlier.  More exhibition brochures have been uncovered from 1955, 1959 and 1963. Many of these titles may be ones I have images of but have renamed because I cannot match image to title!  Visit the Sister Mary James Ann Nun Artist Flickr site!

“Fruit” described as a transparent water color.

“Juicy Fruit” described also as a transparent water color.

“Campus Corner” also referenced in letter in Ecce Homo page.


“Blue Psalm” – Last known to be at University of Colorado-Boulder  FOUND!!!

“Pioneer Angelus”- (4.5 x 8 ft) Univ. of Iowa (S.U.I) Master’s project. See article in news clipping.  Formerly hung in Clarke College library, status/whereabouts today is unknown.

“Mont St. Michaels”- Oil, see news clippings

“Night – West Berlin”- Ink and casein

“Candles of Chartres” – Oil, see clippings

“Hills of Assisi”  See news clippings, or category “Europe”

Canal in Amsterdam  (as captioned in Europe article).

Medieval Gothic Abbey in Dijon (as captioned in Europe article)

Street festival in Brussels (as captioned in Europe article)

Untitled – “Impressive sketch of St. Francis feeding the fishes,” referred to in news clippings

Reference to still life with earthen jar and metal tub, exhibited in Dubuque Public Library

Reference to an oil of three children.  (My “Huddled in the Light”)?

“Inscape”- abstract casein painting, referenced in 1959 article as being featured in a Des Moines Art Center exhibit.  Also DPL, 1957

“Inscape” – Homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins. Mentioned in the Dubuque Library Exhibit, 1957

“Abstraction” – Landscape. Oil,  DPL , 1957

“Tobias the Angel” – Oil,  DPL , 1957

“Contraposition” -Oil  DPL , 1957  Also mentioned on Ecce Homo page.

“Rain and Road”- Oil  DPL , 1957

“Man from Maine” – Oil,  DPL , 1957  (Ed Demers told me this was of him wearing a typical New England toggle coat (barrels and loops instead of buttons).

“The Offering”- Oil,  DPL , 1957

“Lert Urasanandana”- Oil,  DPL , 1957  May also be Lert Rasandana

“Night Landscape” – Laquers and Oils, DPL, 1957

“White Bottles”- Laquers and Oils, DPL, 1957

“The Magi” – Laquers and Oils, DPL, 1957

“Moonscape” -Laquers and Oils, DPL, 1957

“St. Peter”- Laquers and Oils, DPL, 1957

“Skyline”- Laquers and Oils, DPL, 1957

“This Moment”- Caseins, DPL, 1957  (Caseins is a form of tempra, water soluable paint)

“Regatta” -Watercolor, DPL, 1957   (This might have been renamed as Belmont Harbor?)

“Still Life” -Watercolor, DPL, 1957

“Campus Corner” – Watercolor, DPL, 1957

“Melon and Bottles” -Watercolor, DPL, 1957

“Black Mountain” – Watercolor, DPL, 1957

“Ruth” – Drawing, DPL, 1957

“Joan of Arc” – Drawing, DPL, 1957

“Still Life” – Drawing, DPL, 1957

“Table”- Mosaic, DPL, 1957

“Iron Crosses, Bruges”  Update: I just had a surprise correspondence from a woman whose parents owned this painting. She is trying to track it down and send me a picture of it. I found out about its existence by doing a Google search of my aunt’s name!  FOUND in Minnesota 2/20/12

Various sketches of Europe exist, studies in particular of architecture, churches, turrets, steeples, done in the late 50s and early 60s. I understand many of these exist.

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