On the right side, halfway down I see a figure wearing a BVM habit. One interpretation is this a self portrait, doing one of two things she loved, painting or teaching. Is a large mural before her, her arm extended to the canvas, adding strokes of umber and scarlet, or are the abstract figures her students? 

I feel her nun’s habit is very obvious. The white circles running almost consecutively across the middle horizon appear to me to be heads. If I back up, it could be a crowd of diverse people she is instructing.

As you can see by the first photograph (which I cropped after it was sent to me by the Sisters of Charity) the painting appears to be quite large, compared to the chairs I cropped out, and is not under glass, so likely acrylic or oil.

There appears to be some white writing on the bottom left side. It doesn’t look like a signature, which would be an odd place for her to put it. The colors convey a great deal of energy. It looks to me like she is teaching!

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Portrait of a mid-century contemporary artist, AKA Ann Walsh

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